Take Fantastic Photos with OPPO

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Capturing your travels

When it comes to travel, capturing your memories and experiences is an important business. Looking back on photos helps us to relive the memory and the good times, or even sometimes misadventures that took place!

Deciding how to capture those memories is also serious business. Some of us enthusiasts have all of the newest camera gear and love to take professional shots using a DSLR, some of us are a notch down with a point and shoot camera, and nearly all of us take a sneaky snap or two using our mobile phone.

With the average smart phone retailing at around $1000, it can be quite a risk to take our phones on holidays with us, particularly when they are also connected to a contract that needs to be paid out in addition to the financial loss of losing the phone. Thankfully, OPPO have come up with the A57, an affordable smart phone solution that takes the financial worry away without losing any quality in your photos.

Take fantastic photos with OPPO

The ultimate selfie

Its not often that you can take a picture of yourself and travel mate without making it a selfie. On many travel phones, the front camera leaves you with a blurry picture but with the Oppo A57, featuring a 16MP front camera, your selfies will be crisp and detailed. With android functionality, it is easy to navigate and quickly make the most of photo opportunities, which is ideal when taking travel photos.

In addition to a high quality front camera, you can expect to find a beauty setting as well as my favourite, the voice command. Simply set your OPPO phone to selfie mode and say ‘cheese’ and the count down timer will begin. There are a large range of facial filters as well as watermarks to help you remember when and where you took the shot or simply just to add a little artistic flair. What a way to add a bit of interest to those travel photos.

All of this functionality means that if you are travelling alone, or simply with a travel mate (aka my hubby) that tires of taking travel snaps, you are totally in control of taking your own high quality photos. Perfect!

High quality snaps

In addition to the 16MP front camera, the OPPO A57 also features a 13MP rear camera. Time lapse, video, photo, beauty and panorama modes are still all available when using the rear camera, and for those wanting to branch out a little more, why not try creating your own GIF animation or shooting in Ultra HD mode?

We loved the ability to shoot in a range of modes such as standard, rectangle and full screen. If you have a tripod, why not set the phone to timer mode? With settings ranging from 2 – 8 seconds, there’s enough time for anyone to race back into the shot and strike a full body pose! If you’re a bit of a photo guru, you’ll love the ability to shoot in expert mode, which gives you full control over the white balance, exposure, ISO, shutter speed and focus. We loved the ability to focus in on our subject and then create that subtle background blur that is the signature of good photography.

​In addition to high quality photos, you’ll appreciate the OPPO A57’s long life battery. No need to carry a portable charging station with the battery lasting a whole day, if not longer. This is perfect for travel shots, when you’re on the go and not able to easily recharge your phone or portable charger. Bonus!


Take fantastic photos with OPPO

Ease of use

Keeping your phone secure is a high priority when travelling, and luckily this phone has you sorted. By setting up fingerprint recognition, your phone will be securely locked, but also easy to access when the moment arrives.

The OPPO camera phone is intuitive and easy for both Apple and Android uses to navigate. For those familiar with Android systems, you’ll feel right at home, with the phone set out in a familiar way. We loved that we could just pick up this phone and get snapping. It was perfect for our weekend getaway to the Dandenong ranges and we also can’t wait to take this camera phone away with us when we next travel abroad.

Retailing $328AUD the OPPO camera phone features the styling and features of more expensive smart phones but without the risk of losing an expensive phone whilst travelling. So next time you travel, leave your expensive phone at home and travel with an OPPO A57. You and your friends will all be impressed and hey if you don’t want to tell them that you’re not snapping away with a $1000 phone, then your secret’s safe with us!

Whilst we were lucky enough to be sent an OPPO A57 to try out, we loved this phone and all opinions are our own. We can’t wait to take our OPPO A57 on more adventures and we think you’ll love it too!

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0 thoughts on “Take Fantastic Photos with OPPO”

  1. Hmmm…It’s the first time I hear about this brand. I have a Huawei cellphone and I love it, the camera is really great on it. Mine is a few generations old and I can’t wait to take a newer one

  2. I have to admit I’ve not heard of Oppo before, but I am all for a good camera on my phone and I need to upgrade as I’ve run out of memory so I may have to look into it.

  3. Oppo is one of the leading brand in our country. I think it is famous because of the selfie feature. It is also known for great quality.

  4. I’m all about the great pic opps. My camera won’t take action or night shots well, I’m getting fed up w/it finally. Love that the financial investment on this one is not so high. Some cost way too much money!

  5. I heard many more good reviews about oppo brand and looks like I want to try this too it really has a good camera and affordable price

  6. Ahhh! I’d never heard of OPPO before. Thank you so much for introducing me to this brand. One of the websites that my husband and I own is a travel site, and it’s cumbersome lugging around a huge camera. I’d love to be able to take awesome images on my phone!

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