Beautiful Bridlington – A Yorkshire Gem

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Bridlington - Yorkshire

I’m a little biased as to the reasons that you should visit Bridlington. You see my grandma was born in this lovely seaside town, and we grew up hearing stories of how special it is. This was carried on by my mum who then went to visit during summer holidays as her grandparents still lived there.

Before my grandma passed away earlier this year, she wrote me a letter asking me to visit. Actually, all she wanted for her birthday was that I wrote her a letter and told her how I found England. She was so pleased we were going to explore her home country and I know that she was keen for us to visit her place of birth. 

With our time in England drawing to a close, we embarked on the 6 hour trip to ‘The North’ to visit Yorkshire, and in particular Bridlington. We weren’t disappointed.

Bridlington beach

Getting there

Bridlington is around 1 hour from York, which is the capital of Yorkshire in the UK. The roads in this part of England are really easy to drive and there are a lot of motor ways to make for a speedy journey. We had a quick 24 hours in York to sightsee before we headed up to Brid.

​Alternatively you could fly in to Newcastle and drive down, or drive around 4 hours from London. York is also serviced by fast train and bus, with connections to Bridlington. It is also in proximity to the beautiful Yorkshire Moors, Manchestet and Newcastle which both have major airports.


The foreshore and the beach

Unlike the beaches in the south, the beach in Bridlington is sand and not rocks. It stretches for miles in either direction and is flanked by imposing sea walls. We arrived into town late afternoon and took advantage of the mild weather to go for a walk on the promenade and the beach. Years ago, I had found some Victorian era post cards of the era with women in bustled dresses walking along the foreshore. It was lovely to finally be somewhere I had thought of visiting for such a long time.

The tide in this area is quite significant, with large sandy stretches exposed to walk along during low tide. The tide is so low, that the harbour is completely dry during low tide and the boats rest on the sand. I’d not seen anything so dramatic anywhere else.

Most people think of Dover having a strong hold on cliffs in the UK, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised otherwise. I’ve you’ve been following our journey, you would have witnessed the beautiful cliffs where we love to take our Sunday strolls. Whilst not quite so imposing, the cliffs in Bridlington also cut a pretty figure in the distance and flank the bay beautifully.

With the golden autumnal sun setting, we strolled for around an hour enjoying the sand, sure and seaweed covered posts that are well under water when the high tide makes its presence known.

Bridlington beach hut

A seafood lover's paradise

Bridlington is one of the UK’s minor fishing ports and is well known for its shellfish. Alas, one of us here at Passport Collective, is allergic to shellfish, so we had to skip it on this trip. For those who can eat shellfish and do love it, it is readily available and well priced compared to the south.

What to do

Whilst it never gets ‘properly hot’ by our Aussie standards, with summer reaching the early 20’s it is quite pleasant, and also a very popular destination for summer holidays. It is a great place for long walks, sandcastles, sea gull chasing and of course eating fish and chips!

The township itself is dotted with friendly guesthouses with warm welcomes and plenty of pubs serving home cooked meals. For us the journey was more that of nostalgia, and for those of you who enjoy visiting historic, quaint towns, Bridlington will also hold this appeal to you.

Being so close to larger towns such as York, Hull and Lincoln, it is a lovely place to visit whilst on a longer road trip. The Yorkshire Dales and Peaks District are also within an easy driving distance.


The round up

Bridlington, or Brid as its known to the locals is a lovely pit stop whilst exploring Yorkshire and England’s North. For me, a trip to England wouldn’t have been complete without. Whilst it has been nearly 100 years since my grandma was born there, it was still nice to imagine what Brid would have looked like in her day. 

Many of the original features of the town still exist, such as the pier and foreshore gardens and the rural landscape that surrounds the town remains relatively untouched. We loved our short stay in Bridlington and think you will too! 

Like all trips, we didn’t quite get to see everything we wanted to. There are so many must see historic sites in York and therefore I can confidently say that we will definitely return  to explore more of Yorkshire and the neighbouring Lakes District.


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0 thoughts on “Beautiful Bridlington – A Yorkshire Gem”

  1. I absolutely love beaches that have big expanse sand bars when the tide goes out! Feels other-worldy. People often forget that England has some beautiful beaches too!

  2. Bridlington looks quite charming. I’d love to be able to visit it one day, to take long walks on that beach and admire the cliffs as well! And I think it makes a perfect destination for those tired of crowds!

  3. I spent a few summers in London, but did not explore england nearly enough! I would love to see some of these beautiful beaches. It’s good to know that the trains are quick and efficient.

  4. Beautiful story, I’m glad you were able to make it to the sea side. I’ve been to Hull but have yet to explore Bridlington, will have to make a weekend trip. London would be a really long drive, Other Airports besides New Castle could be Leads or Manchester. Leads is only 40 minutes from York.

  5. When of the best things about moving to the UK was finding the small towns and villages like Bridlington, away from the cities. It makes it extra special when you have a connection to a place, like you do with Bridlington.

  6. I’ve always said that the best purpose of travel is not to seek out destinations and sights, but to seek out experiences. It is wonderful that you were able to reconnect a bit with your grandma through this place. That is what makes this a beautiful trip.

  7. Bridlington looks stunning. I have always wanted to go to Yorkshire as it has the perfect blend of history and culture.

  8. I love this post! It’s so great to visit a place that has such a personal connection. Bridlington looks absolutely lovely!

  9. Carmen's Luxury Travel

    Everything I hear about Yorkshire is positive! It’s definitely high on my list. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. A beautiful destination! I wouldn’t have thought of visiting the beach when in England, but after your post I am definitely intrigued. Lots of great travel tips for those traveling to the area.

  11. It looks like such a lovely place, so glad you were able to visit it. I’m sure your grandmother would have loved this post. Thanks for sharing it on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  12. Jim ~ ReflectionsEnroute

    Such an expansive beach! Is there that much of a beach during high tide or does the water come right up to the sea wall? I loved your photos!

  13. What a beautiful thing to do for your Grandmother….and what a beautiful coastline. Will have to visit next time we get close.

  14. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

    It’s easy to feel biased with such a wonderful place and with sights like that. I can feel the splendid weather from your pictures.

  15. Michele {Malaysian Meanders}

    This little side trip is wonderful way to honor your grandmother and her memories. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. It seems like a lovely place for even those who do not have a family connection.

  16. As a lover of seafood, this seems like the perfect place for me. I’m a complete Anglophile so you can imagine how happy I was to read this post. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more from you.

  17. I grew up not far from Bridlington. I fondly remember getting the train there to spend the summer holidays on the beaches with friends. Lovely photo’s to show off this hidden gem’s charm 🙂

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