adventure levels


How adventure levels work:

All posts that include an experience, destination or activity will have a ranking next to them to give you an idea of how much of a sense of adventure (courage!) you might need to undertake them. In addition to this, posts will also be able to be found by looking under the categories section of each blog page.

The idea is that you find where you sit right now, find some activities to push your boundaries just that little bit and work towards that bigger goal you have in mind.

If you’re already at the accomplished end of things, you will still find inspiration and new perspectives on favourite destinations and places a little off the beaten track.

Adventure levels


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If you see one mountain, these activities are classed as ‘warming up’. Suitable for everyone and a great place to start if you’re still thinking about getting out, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. 

These experiences will be a little closer to home and can be undertaken in an afternoon or a day.


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You’ve built up some confidence and you’re ready to go. You’ve started venturing out more, so why not try something a little different, or if you can’t find a friend to come along with you, go on your own? You’re ready to branch out and try some new things – come on, it’ll be fun!

These experiences may be close to home, or a little further afield. They will require a little more planning, but it’ll be worth it, I promise!


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Things are starting to get exciting now. You’re feeling confident and you’re ready to undertake something new. It may be planning a girls weekend away, travelling interstate, or embarking on an overseas trip. Things are coming together and you’ve got the confidence to do it!

These experiences will involve travelling a little further from home. It may be a longer car trip, or involve travelling interstate or overseas.


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You’ve been following your dreams for a while now, some might say you’re accomplished at this. Still, there’s plenty more to see and do. You’ll find inspiration for new experiences and adventures here.

​The world is your oyster! These experiences are adventurous!