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A collective passport is a special type of British passport that allows a group of people to go on a journey together without having separate documents.

Inspired by this idea, the Passport Collective, is a website for people to share their life journeys. Whether it be further afield, or closer to home. We want to inspire a sense of adventure in your life.

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From exploring your own suburb, or just trying something new, we are all about encouraging you to approach life with an adventurous spirit. Why not start now?

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Life can take you to the most amazing places. Enjoy our stories, or share your own.
Everybody as a story to tell, let’s hear it!

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Taking time to capture moments whether that be by taking photos or really taking in the moment is an important way to ensure life doesn’t pass you by. Share your special moments with us.


Laura about

Hi, I am Laura a Melbournian who has recently moved back to Australia after living in the UKwith my husband Pete.

We met in Australia around 3 years ago and started travelling together not long after. 

A career as a primary teacher has allowed me plenty of time to explore, however at the moment I’m a full time Mum and adjusting to travel as a family.

I’ve visited 36 countries, and I’m an avid weekend warrior when at home.

I look forward to encouraging you to get out and about whether it be solo, coupled, with friends or with kids in tow.

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Pete about

Hi, I’m Pete. I’m from Perth in Australia, but lived in Melbourne for a few years before our time in the UK.

​My passions are sailing and field hockey. These have are on the been on the backburner whilst we were travelling around Europe, but I hope you show you more of the Aussie lifestyle now we are back home.

My favourite trip to date as been visiting vineyards in Bordeaux as wine is another passion of mine. I’ve written a post all about it.

I enjoy living an active lifestyle and hope to share this passion with you.

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